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Braxton use extensively podcasts to market franchisees services and business. But Braxton can help professional and professional services firms use the latest video and audio digital technology available to reach the audiences they want and need to reach. Braxton podcasts and video services are transparently vague and will constantly evolve as technology changes, as law firm media relations distribution changes, as your needs change, and as lawyers discover new ways to use the media. It will not be the same tomorrow and it will be different the day after – and it is not going away.

Not too long ago, the world of professional firm PR news was dominated by the production and distribution of paper and e-mail, but within a very short period of time we find that the era of dot-doc PR is over, yielding to more dynamic, interactive mediums. Beyond that, there is no longer a need to go to a professional recording studio to have audio or video news releases created – and this is where Braxton comes in.

Anyone who owns a Flip™ camera or smart phone basically owns a television production studio and can distribute news videos, audio sound bytes, podcasts and photos instantly. “Citizen journalist” videos are increasingly sought out by traditional television media because the public eats them up. In today’s Web 3.0 world, we crave authenticity and “reality” sells. As such, law firms and lawyers should be thinking about creating attorney video and audio pieces right now. Here are some ways the early adopters will use these new law firm publicity tools – and capture a piece of the marketplace:

Tax advisers, lawyers and other professionals will comment on or discuss their legal successes and distribute these “ready to broadcast” pieces to appropriate media sources

Advisers will comment on breaking business or legal news or trends in real time from anywhere they happen to be through the use of smart phones or Flip cameras
Lawyers will easily post audio and video comments and other relevant information on their own websites
Lawyers will increase their search engine optimization (SEO) visibility through the use of these digitized assets (video and audio) because they are searchable and rankable by the major search engines
Lawyers will use video and audio to enhance and support their efforts in the world of social networking
It doesn’t take a major leap of faith to jump on this bandwagon. A quick look around shows us that all journalists have quickly embraced the digital and social revolution, which has spread rapidly to product promotion, political promotion, service promotion and business-to-business promotion . . . and now it is coming to the legal profession. Are you ready? We are. And we’re here to help.

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