Research for Braxton Franchisees

effective legal marketers grasp the great positive differences that market research, client research and
competitive intelligence can make in their work. By building your skills in these areas and using them
every chance you get, you invite greater success for your firm and yourself.
As a successful legal marketer, you do not “go before you know.” You do not “hope our plans are working
out.” Instead, you research, measure, analyze and interpret without bias the most relevant information
you can collect to build strong plans and evaluate and improve their execution. You do not put your blind faith in
either “old, traditional ways” or “new, fresh ideas,” requiring instead that your firm’s resources and energies be invested
in programs that have demonstrated they will bear strong fruit in today’s marketplace with today’s legal clients.
to build your research skills, I recommend the following behaviors:
1. Build and grow your personal network within and beyond your firm. Become so well-acquainted with your
firm’s partners, associates, secretaries, librarians, KM and It professionals, and administrators that you can walk
into their offices and safely ask their input and advice. Build similar relationships with other legal marketers,
members of the media, legal vendors and firm clients.
2. Read constantly. Read national, local and business periodicals; client-industry publications and journals; and
business books and blogs.
3. Be brave enough to say, “I don’t know.” then ask for input or go find the answers.
4. Learn how to become an effective interviewer and create opportunities to interview firm clients and prospects.
Ask them open-ended questions. Listen actively. Ask probing, follow-up questions. take great notes. transcribe
and digitize your notes to share with others.
5. Build a close-knit “best friends and colleagues” network of like-minded curious, life-long learners. You will all
learn an immense amount from each other

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