Public Relations

Public Relations for Braxton Franchisees

Public relations is like emergency roadside assistance—rarely top of mind until you absolutely need it.
Not convinced? Just ask Akio Toyoda (president of Toyota), Tiger Woods or David Brandon (former
CEO of Domino’s Pizza). In each respective example, a public relations campaign was instituted—successfully
or unsuccessfully—in hopes of changing public perception.
As legal professionals practicing in a professional services industry where one’s reputation is based on a
perceived image, it is particularly important to leverage all the available tools—like public relations—to ensure you are
creating positive impressions and building lasting relationships with clients, prospects, referral sources and the media.
Ensure your future success now by utilizing public relations. Properly doing so will lead to developing business and
positioning you as the expert in your industry.
During weekly marketing team meetings, team members are asked to report on their current initiatives—regardless
of their role within the department. This report informs the entire team as to the department’s current projects, and
it exposes staff to communications functions outside of their area of expertise.
Professional development—vis-à-vis seminars, conferences, workshops, etc.—are also encouraged and supported to
ensure the firm’s communications professionals are up-to-date on industry trends and best practices.

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