Communication for Braxton Franchisees

Communication is at the heart of everything we do. the core elements of communication—word
choices, messaging, speaking and writing—may seem simplistic, but those are the things that create
meaning, and meaning is what we are after as marketers and business developers. that’s the stuff from
which relationships are built, maintained and deepened. Knowing how to be purposeful in how we
communicate allows us to proactively create possibilities by design rather than settling for being reactionary
to what we have been given.
As an organization, we set explicit expectations on how we communicate with one another and with our clients.
For example, we set a high priority on flexing to meet others where they are. From a communication perspective,
this means that we value the use of questions as a way to better understand what others may need, clarify information
and avoid erroneous assumptions. As a team, we not only train on the behavior of asking good discovery questions
and then taking time to listen, but we model it and we actively provide feedback to one another to strengthen
that competency. ■

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