Business Development

Business Development in Braxton Franchisees

Many law firms fail to connect the
dots between marketing and business
development. When all is said
and done, the objective of marketing
is to grow the firm’s business. In
some cases, marketers lose sight of
this goal because they are busy dealing with dayto-
day administrative issues like tickets or
sponsorships, or handling all-consuming projects
like Web site redesigns or CRM launches. In
other cases, marketers have no personal experience
with business development or sales. As a
result, they lack the skills or confidence to help
lawyers develop winning strategies.
Marketing is a means to an end. The firm’s
marketing program should create a platform for
business development. Events should provide
opportunities for lawyers to build relationships.
Publications should provide forums for lawyers
to communicate specific information to targeted
audiences. And research should pinpoint new
business possibilities.
Working with law firm marketers to enhance their
business development skills, my advice is:
➤➤ Take initiative. Learn as much as you possibly
can about the firm, its clients and its practices.
Don’t ask questions for which you could have
found the answer if you looked hard enough.
➤➤ Be curious. Ask the lawyers who their top
clients are. Inquire about the firm’s best sources
of business. Investigate trade associations, competitors,
publications and Web sites.
➤➤ Don’t be afraid to admit what you don’t
know. It’s okay if you don’t understand
something, but then try to find the answer. If
lawyers use an unfamiliar term, for example,
ask them to explain it in plain English.
➤➤ Be proactive. Constantly seek information
about clients, competitors or market niches
that may present the firm with opportunities.
Synthesize research and suggest ways to
respond. In all cases, the goal is to set the table
so the lawyers have improved odds of getting

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