Branding for Braxton

Is business development critical to your success? Absolutely. But during this last and greatest
recession of the past 80 years, we did not abandon a single program to reinforce our brand. In fact,
we took the opportunity to extend the brand even further online. Without a brand, you have nothing
to sell except hours. You have no differentiation from competitors. You have no engaging personality and
thus, no engagement. You atomize your efforts, becoming “one lawyer, one ranger.” Based on this approach,
there is no reason to be a firm at all except to share expenses for the copier. A brand is bigger than any individual.
A brand represents a commitment to the collective good, a tall order for the culture of independence that
characterizes law firms.
Constant training. Weekly meetings to share new techniques, knowledge, software, etc. Create a learning culture
and stick to it. this requires true dedication and devotion to the belief that lifetime learning is the only way to
stay current. ■

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