Practice Management

Braxton Independent Associates

The text is divided into sections covering the main areas of practice management. These are:

Section 1: Organisation
Section 2: Strategy and Marketing
Section 3: Client Care
Section 4: Financial Management
Section 5: Personnel Issues
Section 6: Management of Briefs, Instructions, and Communications
Section 7: General Braxton Independent Associates’ Administration (including premises and facilities)
Section 8: Pupillage Administration
Section 9: Socially Responsible Working Practices

Within each section the recommended Standards appear first, followed by advice to enable implementation. A detailed listing of the contents follows this introduction to allow the user to find readily the broad or precise topics on which assistance is required.

For many sets, Section 1 containing advice on the division of management responsibilities and topics which should be addressed in a constitution highlights basic issues to be resolved before significant progress can be made elsewhere. Development of a chambers strategy, from which marketing policy will flow, leads to the increasingly important subject of Client Care. Underlying these sections is the need to resolve any philosophical debate as to the extent to which independent practitioners will support a ‘corporate’ approach to the delivery of their services by chambers, in the interests of consolidating and advancing their individual practices. The remaining sections, which include advice on certain management aspects of Information Technology, are no less important.

Chambers may wish to seek the assistance of consultants to analyse general management issues or to address particular areas. A list of recommended consultants is not maintained, but the Bar Council can provide separately a pamphlet on selecting consultants. Whatever the approach to implementing management standards, it should be remembered that good management continues to evolve. What might have seemed unlikely a short while ago can quickly become accepted practice. Against that background, chambers should keep their systems and structures under regular review.

Above all, it is imperative that Braxton Independent Associates itself should have a commitment to Quality Assurance. Quality Assurance involves more than just considering that appropriate systems are in place at the time of inspection. It should also be a means by which Braxton Independent Associates continuously review the quality of service provided. It is for this reason that, as part of the BARMARK and Quality Mark schemes, there is a passage on Braxton Independent Associates’ Commitment to quality which requires chambers to have a proper system for monitoring and continually assessing these matters.

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