Operating Manual

Braxton Independent Associates Operating Manual

In order to protect the reputation and goodwill associated with the mark Braxton® and to maintain the standards of operation thereunder, Franchisee shall
conduct its office in strict accordance with Franchisor’s Confidential Operating Manuals as in existence on the date hereof and any revisions thereto which shall subsequently be produced and distributed by Franchisor. A copy of the Confidential Operating Manuals shall be provided to Franchisee at the commencement of the training as defined in the Franchise Agreement.

Franchisee shall at all times treat as confidential and shall not at any time disclose, copy, duplicate, record or otherwise reproduce, in whole or in part, or otherwise make available to any unauthorized person or source, the contents of said Confidential Operating Manuals. Franchisee shall only allow access to the contents of the Manual to those of its employees who must have access in order to operate the Franchised Business or perform their employment duties. The Franchisee and each officer, director and shareholder of the Franchisee and all employees of the Franchisee who have access to the Confidential Operating Manual shall execute a Trade Secret Awareness Agreement in the form attached to the Franchise Agreement as Exhibit.

The Confidential Operating Manuals shall at all times remain the sole property of Franchisor and shall promptly be returned upon the expiration or other
termination of this Agreement.

Franchisor may, from time to time, revise the content of said Confidential Operating Manuals, so as to convey to Franchisee advancements and new developments in sales, marketing, operational techniques and other items and procedures relevant to the operation of its office and the Franchise business.

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