What we have developed

• Strategy & Plan
• Well‐documented training, support and marketing
• Intranet (365/24/7)
• System standards and reporting processes
• Competitor research
• Types of markets / profiles
• Market analysis
Business & Cost metrics ‐ measurement
• Ranking / prioritizing markets

Country Ranking Metrics
Country Trend in 2010: Average of numerous analyst reports from around the world
Current Investment Climate: Likelihood to be able to close license agreements in 2010
Expected GDP Growth: From ‘The Economist’
GC Index: Global Competitive Index, World Economic Forum
Economic Freedom 2010: How free are companies to start and grow businesses, Fraser Ins2tute
Market Size: How big is the potential market for new products and services?
Ease Of Entry: How easy or difficult will it be to find a master and start opera2on
Legal Concerns: Is the legal environment fair to both foreign and local companies?
Government Involvement: In terms of impacting business agreements and fee payments

Internal ‐ Senior management commitment to a multi‐year
development program
External ‐ Detailed information on countries, compatibility
with your franchise concept, the potential for your concept
to work and realistic priorities for international development.

Tips we have used:

• Budget for the first 3‐5 years of Going Global
• Be realistic in your initial fee expectations
• Realize that initial fee revenues have some corresponding, associated expenses
• Be realistic in how many countries you can award and properly support
• Plan ahead for marketing, training and support costs
Be sure everyone gets a good ROI by the end of the third year of a master franchise
• Be sure your initial master franchise fee covers your costs for the first two years of the master franchise operation

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