Braxton Independent Associates Workmark

Franchisees and administrative units may not use a spirit mark in place of the Franchisor wordmark. However, graphics that represent individual administrative departments, offices or services may be used in combination with the wordmark — with the exception of the Franchisor seal, as described in the corresponding section.

While the Franchisor wordmark may be sized appropriately for the specific use, the proportions of its individual elements must not be altered. It is preferred that the mark be displayed in either black and white, or designated official colors but this is not required.

It must be reproduced from the official artwork available through the Office of Marketing Communications. For silkscreen, embroidery, specialty items and related uses, contact the Office of University Relations and Marketing.

Templates and descriptions of approved font usage and layouts can be found in the Graphic Standards Guide.

For use in combination with department or organization marks, see the Co-branding section.

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