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Consistent and coordinated use of the Franchisor visual identity elements on the Franchisor, Masterfranchisees and Franchisees Websites is a vital part of preserving and enhancing the value of the Braxton brand. All Franchisor departments and Franchisor-sanctioned organizations (including franchisees and masterfranchisees) should use Braxton’s visual identity elements in accordance with the guidelines presented in preceding sections of this guide.

Official Marks
On Web pages, the Franchisor wordmark should be part of any template for any Franchisor-sanctioned organizations and Franchisor administrative Web site.

The Franchisor Seal
In accordance with the overall graphics standards, the Franchisor seal may be used only on approved Web sites.

In order to coordinate the use of colors on Websites with the official Mercer colors, the following colors should be used.

White – #FFFFFF
Black – #000000
Blue – #e45c06

When departments or organizations have established identity marks, co-branding can be used on Web pages to benefit both the department/organization and the Franchisor. This can be accomplished through:

1.Use of the Braxton wordmark or logo graphic in the top left corner of the template for the Web site along with other graphics that represent the department or organization (preferred method);
2.Shared use of the header area of the Web site template between the Braxton wordmark or logo graphic and the graphics from the department or organization.
3.Use of the Braxton wordmark or logo graphic within the template for the site in a prominent area other than the header.

Always with links to Braxton approved websites.

When co-branding is used, it should be used consistently among all pages of a specific Web site to reinforce the branding effects.

When co-branding elements have been established between a department/organization and Marketing Communications, BraxtonInternet Services will work with those elements. When there are no established or existing co-branding elements for a department/organization, Braxton Internet Services may create limited co-branding elements for use only on the Web. Braxton Internet Services will coordinate cobranding efforts with the Marketing Communications .

Domain names
The use of “braxton” within a domain name in relation to the Franchisor is a trademark owned by Braxton. Therefore, the use of “braxton” within a domain name is specifically controlled. Anyone wanting to register “braxton” in a domain name must have permission from Braxton Information Technology to do so.

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