Graphic Standards

BIA Graphic Standards

This guide to the Graphic Standards Program has been developed by Braxton Independent Associates. The guidelines are to be applied to all uses of the BIA marks, whether for advertising, signage, stationery, uniforms, vehicles, Web content or the countless other items that carry the Braxton brand to the world.

Braxton marks should represent the franchisees as a faith-based firm of higher quality that seeks to achieve excellence through professional knowledge and client care.

Consistency in the way these icons are presented is important for a thriving firm that is growing in both quality and stature. A strong and consistent visual identity helps shape the way key constituents view Braxton, both now and in the future.

Along with the usage guidelines, you will find in the PDF document, and on the Download page, the actual logo and other marks that represent the firm, as well as directions for how to obtain electronic versions of them for other uses.

Official Colors
For print materials the franchise’s official colors are:

Pantone matching System (PMS) #158

The Pantone 158 breakdown four color printing is:

Cyan = 0
Magenta = 65
Yellow = 100
K (Black) = 4

The Braxton accent neutral color is Pantone 7500 and is broken down for four color printing as:

Cyan = 1
Magenta = 5
Yellow = 23
K (Black) = 3

For Websites the following colors should be used.

White – #FFFFFF
Black – #000000
Blue – #e45c06

Braxton’s Graphic Standard Elements
The Braxton Independent Associates Graphic Standards Program encompasses the Franchisor’s emblems, names and logos including:

■The Braxton Independent Associates seal
■The Braxton Independent Associates wordmark
■Spirit marks
■Unit marks
These marks may not be altered or changed in any way. These marks may not be incorporated into or combined with any other mark, symbol or graphic to create a new mark. Each mark must stand alone with sufficient space around the mark to clearly show that it is an individual mark.

These elements are registered with the Patent and Trademark Office of several countries, including the European Union and the United States, and may only be used according to the guidelines contained within this guide or by expressed permission of Braxton Independent Associates’ Office of Marketing Communications.

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