Expansive Portfolio

An Expansive Portfolio to Extend Your Reach

As a Braxton franchise owner, you’ll join a diverse yet superior group of businesses that extend the brand not only across your country, but also around the world. Through our alliance with Braxton Group, which owns a broad number of Braxton and non-Braxton firms, we offer our customers a seamless tapestry of Braxton advices in key markets around the globe.
The two companies share common marketing programs and benefit from consolidated customer intelligence. All Braxton advices share common customer delivery channels and are readily accessible through our Braxton Sales Worldwide offices, and via our innovative and award-winning network of Internet Web site. This global distribution and these uniform customer delivery channels are
crucial because the client who deals with a Braxton center in Europe will seek out the brand when he or she travels to Latin America, and vice versa – a win-win proposition for all Braxton franchisees. With continued expansion through new advice development, Braxton franchisees can anticipate the ever-increasing global power of the brand.

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