Communications System

Communications System Specifications
Hardware Requirements:
• Intel or AMD-based system capable at a minimum of running Microsoft Windows XP
o Alternatively, Macintosh system capable of running the latest version of MacOS
o Desktop, laptop or tablet depending on your preference
• External USB hard drive – 500 GB or larger for document backups
o For convenience, choose a drive that offers a “one-touch” backup solution
o For complete protection, obtain multiple drives. Get in the habit of (at least monthly)
storing a complete backup of your computer off-site in a safe deposit box or
equivalent secure location
• Surge protector
o For complete protection, purchase an uninterruptible power supply (or UPS)
Software Requirements:
• Microsoft Office 2007 (or 2008 for Mac)
o Standard edition or better – must contain PowerPoint
• Adobe Reader v8 or better (free download from
• Adobe Acrobat creation utility
o There are freeware utilities available that do this without requiring purchase of the full
Adobe Acrobat application See
• QuickBooks (recommended) or equivalent business finance software
• Anti-Virus software
o Due to repeated support and quality issues reported by the advisory community, the
Braxton Associates IT department DISCOURAGES the use of any Symantec/Norton antivirus or security software
• Web browser
o Mozilla Firefox 2 or better is recommended (free download from
o Internet Explorer 6 or better is acceptable, but discouraged

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