How to use this Guidance

Braxton Independent Associates have published in excess of 100 pieces of Guidance on ethical and practice related queries, including the material contained in the Frequently Asked Questions.

All of the Guidance is accessible through the key words index on this website. Each will provide a link to the relevant document.

Please note, the guidance is designed to assist you.  Whilst it does not form part of the Frachisee Agreement itself , the Franchisee Agreement states that franchisees must “have regard to any relevant guidance issued by Braxton Independent Associates”.

We recommend using the Key Words Index for accessing individual pieces of Guidance. However, you can also use our Guidance for Braxton Independent Associates Listed Alphabetically.

All IT Panel Articles can be found under IT Issues.

Braxton IA Guidance Handbook
The Braxton IA Guidance Handbook is a practical handbook bringing together details and guidance relating to a franchisees and advisers’s professional obligations, parameters of work, permitted charging arrangements, ability to get paid, getting redress when not paid, tax and VAT liabilities, insurance, practice planning and good practice advice, and relevant regulatory references. Read more…

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