BIA Business Objectives


  • Build a business network and brokerage service that develops and grows throughout the delivery of business opportunities to BIA franchisees´ clients
  • Facilitate the development of BIA franchisees by promoting links into their business communities and the Braxton business support network
  • Provide opportunities for Buyers to access a wide and diverse network of businesses
  • Allow a wide range of diverse businesses to benefit from being a client of any Braxton Independent Associate franchisee

BIA Business:

  • Gives unique access to many cross-border and local opportunities in a common platform
  • Enables businesses to identify potential partners for the formation of consortia and onward supply chains
  • Provides Buyers with access to a wider, more diverse Supplier base, and the tools to shortlist Suppliers to meet their specific needs
  • Assists BIA franchisees´clients by giving them access to focused business support to make them ‘business ready’ for international and local opportunities

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