Welcome to BIA Business

BIA Business is a service for BIA franchisees that enables clients of BIA franchisees to find business opportunities.

BIA Business acts as a brokerage service, matching buyers with potential suppliers. It also facilitates access to focused business support, through the Braxton network, helping to boost the long–term competitiveness of the franchisee business and their clients.

Registering on BIA Business will bring BIA franchisee clients closer to accessing new business opportunities relevant to their sector. This service is delivered through a partnership between all the Braxton brands and other organizations.


By advertising opportunities on BIA Business, you company gain instant access to a wide and diverse range of suppliers. BIA Business allows buyers to create a shortlist of bidders that match the criteria essential for your contract.

Set up your business profile once and be automatically matched with contracts that you can then apply for quickly and easily. Completing your business profile will also allow you to manually search for opportunities, track and save your contract applications and search for suitable partners.

Please refer to the Help page for further information about using BIA Business or contact our Helpdesk.

More about BIA Business:

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