Principles of Franchising


When you develop a Braxton Independent Associates franchise, you’re not just developing a Braxton Center, but a relationship with all of Braxton Independent Associates’s advisors. Advantages like our friendly, responsive corporate staff, franchising expertise across all market segments and competitive fees make this a Braxton Center company you’ll want to stay with for a long time.
A franchise relationship should be a long-term commitment made to benefit both parties. While both of us are contractually bound and governed solely by the terms of our license agreement together, Braxton Independent Associates has created this statement of principles as a philosophy of and guideline for how we believe franchisors and franchisees should do business together.
Our core business principles are based upon such timeless values as teamwork, fair play, mutual respect and open communications. Franchising is a two-way street, and we understand that our franchise owners have expectations of us, just as we have expectations of them. The purpose of Braxton Independent Associates’s Principles of Franchising is to provide a clear definition of the expectations of the franchisor and franchisee to help us both build an even greater foundation for a solid, long-term relationship.

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