Strong Support System

The Strongest Support System in the Professional Services Industry

One of the most important reasons to choose Braxton is the ongoing support provided to our advices, both before and after opening:

Braxton Sales Worldwide

One of our most important customer delivery systems is our arsenal of salespersons in our sales offices around the globe, developing business relationships and opportunities for all Associates within Braxton. Braxton supports sales efforts and complement our strength in the markets.

Worldwide Marketing

Braxton spends increasing resources annually promoting the brand in top-rated media and through intermediary marketing. We also invest heavily in targeted, consumer-driven direct sales promotions. We overlook no medium in getting out the message of the brand, both through tactical sales initiatives and through broad-reaching brand awareness campaigns.
Quick reference “tool kits” and ongoing training opportunities are provided to assist all Braxton Associates in applying marketing programs, systems and resources to help develop business at the local level.

Braxton Client Support Worldwide

The BRAXTONHELP client support system is one of the most technologically advanced reservations systems in the professional services industry. Through the Braxton Client Support Worldwide network of offices around the globe, through links to all our distribution systems and our client support channels in Internet, and through the memorable toll-free 1-800-BRAXTONS telephone number in the USA and Canada, Braxton processes support requests 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Braxton Cross-selling

Having a diverse portfolio of services within Braxton Independent Associates ensures that customers who require professional services will have a wider selection of rooms from which to choose. By the same token, Braxton franchisees reap the benefits of added exposure and referrals through Braxton’s Cross-Selling system that links advice time availability and facilitates referrals to other nearby advices within Braxton Associates.
This ensures that clients who might not have selected Braxton initially are given the option of choosing a Braxton when alternate professional services are required within their requested area.

A Total Technology Solution

Braxton has always been on the forefront of technical innovation, and never more so than today when the need for instant, accurate information is crucial to every advice’s bottom line. Braxton’s management system provides true competitive leverage by linking all of Braxton’s customer sources together, such as Braxton Client Support Worldwide, Braxton Sales Worldwide – even individual Braxton offices and Braxton’s world headquarters. As the foundation of Braxton’s fully integrated technology network, our system supports marketing, client services, operations management, CRM and revenue maximization efforts, and provides extensive reporting capabilities in each of these areas. Team member training is improved through the system’s on-line computer-based training modules and “coaching” features. Our system can interface with all major third party services.

In addition, it can be easily upgraded via Braxton’s wide-area computer network. The Braxton system uses the most advanced technology platform available to integrate all of your professional services’ operations, making it a valuable tool designed to help you maximize your advice’s value.


Clear cut benefits for our Associates
Reduce the Associates costs and lead times
Globalisation is forcing you to keep your costs under control and increase
your efficiency, whilst boosting reactivity. Our ERP  automates and
integrates management processes from one end right through to the
other. With our ERP, you can access the data related to your activity
in real time and you have maximum control of your budgets.

Encourage collaboration and coordination for complete visibility
Our ERP  makes all the Associates centers all part of the
same information system. All our franchise share the same reference
system and work in their own language and currency with an accounting
and financial management system that meets national regulations and
requirements. There is also a visual processes to make it easier
to coordinate and track operations across all of our locations.
Improve customer satisfaction
Though product and service innovation is essential, your ability to create
an individual relationship with each of your customers is an altogether
different factor. Building loyalty, being responsive and anticipating demand
are the key factors for success. Based on Web-Oriented Architecture
(WOA), our ERP’s technology brings franchisees, franchisor and partners
together around a common base.
Seize new opportunities for growth
Your franchise firmc grows by developing offers and services or by conquering
new areas of activity. Our ERP’s decision-making analysis and
business indicators give an accurate state of play of the franchisee’s
assets. You can act more quickly and you increase the quality of strategic
decision making.

Quick and economical solution

Our ERP has an intuitive user-friendliness thanks to its many built-in
graphical components. The  editor makes it easy
for users to get to grips with thanks to its detailed and ready-to-use job
Our ERP can be adapted to suit your needs and your development
as it can be deployed gradually and progressively. As it is quick to learn,
this reduces training time and its wide range of pre-configurations will
save you time when setting it up.
A management solution designed with the user in mind:
• Navigation made easier by interactive graphical processes.
• A portal by role with advanced performance indicators.
• Full integration of all office tools.
• Powerful customization tools for more flexibility.

Management solution centred around the Web:
• A solution that can be accessed in real time with a simple internet
browser, internally and externally.
• A dynamic, intuitive web 2.0 portal that provides easy access to ERP
and external application data.
• A solution that makes it easy to integrate your branches, subsidiaries
and external players.
• Interaction made easy with other business applications.

A wide functional scope
Our ERP is a complete and integrated management suite,
covering all your franchise firm’s operational needs. It is a multi-legislation, multi-lingual and multi-currency solution, and can be adapted to suit the specific elements and legal requirements of each country. It also guarantees optimum management of midsize and large companies, on both a national and international leve.

To help you optimize the use of your products, the experts at the software solution offer you support throughout the life of your project by providing Support, Consultation and Training sessions.

– Control the management of your projects and organize an operational process. The competition forces you to perform better than ever: keep track of your daily tasks.
Be ready for the ups and downs and take the necessary steps to ensure smooth running of the different departments.

– Coordinate the different tasks and optimize the resources: purchasing, outsourcing, human resources.

– Have a perfect vision of the operations of the company and its financial impacts by insuring a steady monitoring of the project and facilitating the ups and downs with a clear objective

– Organize the budget structures to fit the activities of your company

– Keep track of the financial performance of the different activities and projects, follow up with the evolution of the profit margins in real time and have access to the tools to analyze your budget and predict slow downs.

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