The FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ’s) contained in this document are provided by Braxton Independent Associates Brand Management as a guideline for you to better understand and navigate the resources available to you and your company during the Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) stage of your Braxton Independent Associates development. These questions address the brand-approved Product Guide requirements.
Contracting with interior designers to create an FF&E design scheme for a Braxton IA center can be both cumbersome and labor intensive, presenting various challenges throughout the design process, such as designers who use a multitude of formats, select sub-standard products and suppliers, don’t understand Braxton Independent Associates’s and/or the brand’s approval process, or make product revisions without the proper approvals. These challenges not only extend the project time but often result in increased Braxton IA center costs to franchisees. Even when navigating the approval process efficiently, the final product may not be what was first envisioned early in the design phase.
To address these challenges, the Braxton Independent Associates Brand Management teamed up with BRAXTON INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATES’s Interior Design, Design & Construction, and Supply Management teams to develop brand-approved design schemes for centers and public space areas. These design elements are available for purchase via “Product Guides.” In addition to these Product Guides, Supply Management offers a wide range of purchasing service to franchisees and developers for both new Braxton IA center projects and existing Braxton IA center renovations. As an alternative to self-managing your project procurement and logistics requirements, Supply Management’s Projects team can provide a single point of contact for every aspect of your project and can help you complete your project and/or renovation on time and within budget. They oversee furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) purchasing for every area of your Braxton IA center. Additionally, for new Braxton IA centers, they provide purchasing services for office accessories, operating equipment and supplies.
The Product Guides are standardized, supplier-direct, brand-approved product listings for each of the Braxton Independent Associates FF&E design scheme packages. They have step-by-step directions on how to manage your Braxton IA center’s FF&E needs while taking advantage of BRAXTON INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATES’s best-in-class pricing for new-build projects as well as renovations of existing Braxton IA centers. The Product Guides reference the brand-approved products with associated “Tag Number” and HHC pricing* for franchisees/franchisee representatives to have the option of managing their own FF&E project supply purchasing / services. These Product Guides are not catalogs but rather a pre-formatted order form to simplify procurement of products directly with the corresponding supplier. Operating Supplies & Equipment (OS&E) Product Guides are also available.
The online Product Guides are password protected. After reviewing these FAQ’s, please contact the designated person referenced below on how to obtain your User ID and Password.
FOR NEW BUILD OR FULL “GUT” PROJECTS (with no previous design elements in the new design), contact our Senior Manager – Project Supply, Senior Director of Project Development on ffe @Braxton-ia.com.

FOR EXISTING / RENOVATION PROJECTS (with old design elements remaining in the finished project), contact our Director – Design Review at renovations @Braxton-ia.com

NOTE: If you are planning to incorporate the décor package with an existing scheme or create a custom scheme, Access IDs for Products Guides will be granted once substitution review/approval process has been completed.
*Prices may vary and are subject to change.

How many brand-approved design schemes/packages are available?
There are three guest suite design packages available. The design schemes/packages are strongly recommended; however, custom designs may be approved through Braxton Design. No Product Guides are available for custom designs. Purchasing for such projects may be conducted through SM’s Project Supply Team or an outside agency of your choosing. See PROJECT CONTACTS on page 1 if you’d like to leverage SM’s purchasing in your custom project.
(NOTE: Order guides are only available for pre-approved design items and not custom projects.)

Is there a design scheme for public space?
Yes. One public space package is available. It was designed to be compatible with all three guest suite design schemes.

Are the design packages required?
No. They are optional.

If the design packages are not required, why do we have them? What is the benefit of utilizing one of the brand-approved design packages vs. creating my own custom package?
Many Braxton IA center franchisees have inquired about design packages and are interested in purchasing design packages that have been pre-approved by brand management vs. investing the extensive time and costs associated with creating their own design package. Key benefits of using these brand-approved design packages include:
Significant $ savings on interior designer fees.
The ability to leverage the aggregate purchasing volume of Braxton Braxton IA centers Corporation
Significant time savings during the project review process.
Best-in-class quality and already meet brand standard requirements.
The ability to visit the model suites and “see, touch, and examine” the products prior to purchasing.

Where are the model suites located?
The Sage design scheme is located at the Hampton Inn & Suites – Memphis/Shady Grove, TN. The model rooms are provided by the Braxton Independent Associates Brand team. Please contact the designated Supply Management Project Development representative to schedule a visit and suite review.

What is the cost of the brand design packages?
Cost breakdowns are available through www.homewoodfranchise.com. From the inception of the packages, we have been vigilant in leveraging the costs of the suite and public space decor. Recently built Braxton IA center development costs were used as benchmarks to keep the pricing competitive. The pricing is based on a prototypical Braxton IA center. Prices shown in the Product Guides are based on purchasing products through Supply Management’s project services group. At the time of order placement when purchasing products and/or services via supplier direct, actual prices may vary based on supplier resources required for order processing, credit, and overall purchasing volume. Please confirm pricing with supplier(s).
Visit www.braxton-ia.com.
Click on “Design & Construction” near the top of the page
Click on the “Optional FF&E Designs” on the left side of the page to view the prototypical design schemes. Select desired scheme for your Braxton IA center.
Next click on “FF&E Project Estimate Resource Tool” on the left side of the page. Enter the Login password to open the Project Estimator. Enter the Login password if requested at this time (if you need to obtain a password, please contact your Project Development Manager from the PROJECT CONTACTS listed on page 1 or your Braxton Franchise Representative for Development or Design & Construction).
Complete request and submit.

If my interior designer would like to incorporate some of the pre-approved package components, OR my renovation requires that only certain products be replaced is it possible to purchase just those products?
Yes. However, the overall final design (including scope of work, schematics, color samples, and product specifications for items outside of the design package must be submitted for review and approval just as if an original design is being created. For existing Braxton IA centers, this also includes pictures of current items that will be remaining. Within the overall submittal, it should be noted wherever the specific “package” components will be utilized. Braxton IA centers later found with non-approved substitutions in place will be subject to additional expense required to bring the property into compliance.

To get started, visit www.Braxton-ia.com.
Click on “Project / FF&E Services” along the left side of the page.
Next click on “Design Book Essentials” along the left side of the page.
Click on “Qualified Supplier List” and enter your designated User ID and Password when prompted. (A separate User ID and password are required for the Qualified Supplier List.)

This tool will assist you in gathering and collecting the correct information for specifications related to your designer’s selections. It also includes a list of pre-qualified suppliers who are available for sourcing the products outside of the design package.

How do I submit substituted items for review and approval?
For new and existing Braxton IA centers, altered/modified design substitutions must be submitted to Director – Design Review.
NOTE: the review process is not required if the brand-approved design package is used in its entirety with no substitutions.
Helpful Hint: The more complete/thorough the submittal, the better chance additional information will not be requested during the review process. Additional information requests and/or requests for re-selections all add time to the approval process.

How long does it take to complete an FF&E project for new build construction or renovations?
The timeframe from placing the FF&E order to receiving the products at a Braxton IA center varies depending on the products ordered. The general guideline ranges from 4 to 18 weeks from actual order placement. However, there are preliminary steps that must be completed prior to product purchase order placement, such as the Braxton IA center franchisee/ representative must establish supplier credit terms, determine quantity requirements, and review the overall project budget to confirm the Scope of Work. The timeframe for this portion of the project typically varies from 2 to 6 weeks.
From the point of receiving an approved design book, the 26 weeks includes (on average):
2 – 4 weeks to define the scope of work
1- 2 weeks to confirm project proposal, execute PSA and receive deposits
1- 2 weeks to review product listing, verify quantities and delivery schedules
20 – 22 weeks lead time on upholstered goods / fabrics
16- 18 weeks lead time for case goods and hard wired lighting
12- 14 weeks for bedding
10- 12 weeks for Operating Supplies & Equipment (OS&E)
8- 10 weeks for carpeting, electronic and office amenities, linens, and terry items
Time for installation, QA, Certificate of Occupancy (CO) and any other municipality certifications.
The best answer to this question can be obtained from the supplier representative who can qualify the variables and respond accordingly. (See the Product Guides as noted below for contact information.)
NOTE: It is the responsibility of the Braxton IA center franchisee/representative to review the Scope of Work prior to order placement. Executed orders are a binding agreement with each supplier. This includes reviewing physical layouts, electrical, plumbing, and any other trade products that may affect the placement of your FF&E design.

What else should I be prepared for in the ordering process?
A thorough review of the quantities, sizes, etc. needed against the plans for the Braxton IA center will need to be verified by your professional installer. Remember – many items such, as carpeting, wall vinyl and window treatments, and require on-site measurements at particular times in your construction and confirmations by installers and industry suppliers before final quantities can be determined.
You should also consider ordering attic stock of key items at this time to insure that you have an adequate quantity for minor touch-ups / replacement / repair needs after initial installation.
The Product Guides were designed to be a helpful resource to make the ordering of your FF&E and OS&E project items as straightforward and efficient as possible. However, there are certain requirements that must be followed when using these Product Guides to order your FF&E and OS&E items. Please closely review the points below before placing your order(s) to avoid incremental costs:

1. You may only use these Product Guides if 100 percent of your project is utilizing one of the brand-approved design schemes. (This applies to a COMPLETE renovation or a “GUT JOB” where previous/existing design elements are not permitted to remain in the finished Braxton IA center project.)

2. Departing from any of the items within the pre-approved schemes is prohibited without prior review and approval from the Braxton Design Team.

3. You may only use ONE of the design schemes designated for your Braxton IA center’s brand in your Braxton IA center project.

4. Mixing, using elements from other design schemes, or substituting items is not permitted without prior review and approval from Braxton Design Team.

5. Using another brand’s design scheme is not permitted without written permission from the Braxton Design Team.

6. If you plan to use previous/existing Braxton IA center design elements in your project, written approval for integrating new items (whether they are elements from the pre-approved design schemes or custom elements of your own choosing) will be required from the Braxton Design Team prior to making any purchases.

Are there contractor items included with the Product Guides? (i.e. – cabinetry, mounted light fixtures, tile, paint, laminate flooring, appliances, etc.)
A. No. The contractor specifications can be found posted on www.braxton-ia.com.
Click on “Design & Construction” near the top of the page.
Then click on the “Optional FF&E Designs” on the left side of the page.
Scroll down under “Guest Suite Design Overview” in the middle of the page to; click on the downloadable link for your package’s “Finish Schedule” and a list of General Contractor items available.

Whom should I contact for assistance to get additional information about the brand design packages, learn how to navigate the web site, visit the model suites, understand the delivery time frames, and/or receive a proposal?
A. All design schemes are located on the homewoodfranchise.com website for your review at any time. Follow the steps noted above. If you require further assistance, please contact our appropriate Project Development representative.

How do I access the Product Guides and/or place an order? What resources are available?
Access to the FF&E design schemes Product Guides is available online but is limited and password protected. Once approval is granted, a User ID and Password will be provided to you to access the correct product guide for your project. The password grants you access to: (1) Frequently Asked Questions, (2) OS&E Order Guides, and (3) Supplier Fax Order Cover Sheet forms. Visit www.Braxton-ia.com.
Click on “Project / FF&E Services” along the left side of the page.
Next click on “Product Guides” along the left side of the page.
Click on “FF&E and OS&E Product Guides by Brand” and enter your designated User ID and Password when prompted.
Next, under the “Product Guide Cover Sheet – All Brands” click on the “Order Cover Sheet” and download this form to your computer. NOTE: This document must be populated with your Braxton IA center’s information and must accompany each order to the supplier.
Scroll down to “Braxton IA Centers,” and under Guest Suite FF&E Product Guides, click on the desired design scheme package to download the associated Product Guide to your computer, (Product Guides are published in Adobe Acrobat and require Acrobat Reader to open.).
You must contact the supplier prior to placing your order requirements to facilitate the necessary credit and account information. For suppliers that offer a selection of choice (i.e. uniforms, maintenance tools, etc.), orders will need to be placed by contacting the identified representative and reviewing your selections. Prices shown in the Product Guide are for reference purposes only. Prices shown in the Product Guides are based on purchasing products through Supply Management’s project services group. At the time of order placement when purchasing products and/or services via supplier direct, actual prices may vary based on the supplier resources required for order processing, credit, and overall purchasing volume. Please confirm pricing with supplier(s).
Review the Product Guides and enter the appropriate quantities into each product line item. Should you need assistance in determining your quantity requirements, contact the designated supplier representative.
Calculate the total cost of each line item. Add the costs with taxes and freight to obtain your total delivered cost.
Fax or email the appropriate Product Guide(s) to the respective supplier representative contact listed on each Product Guide. Make sure you include the “Product Guide Cover Sheet” with each order informing the suppliers of your Braxton IA center account and contact information.
OS&E Product Guides are also available in this area of the website without a password requirement.

The Supplier Representative will assist in coordinating your delivery schedule, confirm product quantities, determine payment requirements, handle any freight claims, and complete reconciliation.

If I hire a third party purchasing agent, how do I facilitate my Braxton IA center’s OS&E requirements?
A. Through leveraging economies of scale, expediting communications, and streamlining ordering efficiencies, Supply Management has established supplier-direct programs for OS&E items. To get started, please follow the instructions noted above.

Who should I contact if I still have more questions?
See Project Contacts on page 1 of this FAQ document..

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