The Proof

The Proof is in the Service . . .

Braxton advices cover every major service type within the upscale, full service advice marketplace.
For each of its advice services, Braxton strives to be the “best in class”. We rigorously analyze each market segment to determine which attributes
our client target expects and desires, then incorporate those attributes into the standards we set for each type of advice. Such standards are continually reviewed and updated to ensure that we maintain our competitive edge across all categories as well as maintain the integrity of the brand. The result is far from a “cookie-cutter” type of business; instead it’s the culmination of specific market research backed by firm operational imperatives. From our clients’ point of view, the result is a varied yet consistently satisfying advice experience worthy of the name Braxton.

. . . And in the Performance

By enforcing strict standards of quality for our professional services across the full spectrum of our advice services, we not only earn the trust of our customers and, in turn, their
loyalty, but we also better serve our franchisees by helping them protect their investment. This results in brand that has a proven track record within our industry.
Working with some of the world’s top brands in services, Braxton Independent Associates has developed a proprietary network of alliances with an array of well know firms in the Insurance, Bank, Technology, Consultancy and others industries.

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