Franchise Development

As a Braxton Independent Associate, your center will benefit from a loyal customer base that spans the diverse service types across all of Braxton Independent Associates worldwide. And you’ll realize the efficiency and cost saving economies of scale borne from this network working in many countries around the world.

The cross-selling capabilities of our global marketing system; the customer focus of our worldwide sales organization; our responsive operations support; and our sophisticated technology, including cutting edge e-commerce applications, make Braxton a brand you’ll want to stay with for a long time to come.
When you develop a Braxton Independent Associates center, you’re not just developing a professional services firm. You are tapping into the equity of the most valuable brand name in professional services and helping to perpetuate a proud tradition that has made Braxton synonymous with first-class advice.

Braxton’s vision is simple, yet filled with promise and expectation. In a wide range of venues around the globe we strive to create a consistently superior professional experience – one that earns the loyalty of our customers by surpassing their expectations every day in every way.

One of the first professional services firm to enter the management contract and franchising arenas, Braxton has developed a sound, finely tuned system of management and support services that has been emulated by other firms. Our expertise is recognized in all facets of the professional services industry, and our standard of quality is well known.

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