Awareness of Trade Secrets


I am an employee of [name of franchise]. I recognize and acknowledge that you and Braxton Independent Associates, Ltd. (“Braxton Independent Associates”) have, through the expenditure of substantial time, effort and money, developed and acquired certain confidential information and trade secrets which have become of great value to you in your operations. I further acknowledge and understand that in the course of performance of my duties for you I will receive training and experience and have access to the trade secrets and confidential information of you and Braxton Independent Associates.
1. I understand that a trade secret consists of information (not readily compiled from publicly available sources) which has been made available to me during the course of my employment.
2. This information (trade secrets) consists of any customer lists of [franchisee], forms and inspection reports, training materials and information, policy and
procedure manuals, video and audio recordings of training materials and operation methods, advertising themes, formats of advertising and other business methods, techniques and financial information of Braxton Independent Associates.
3. I acknowledge that as a consequence of my employment a duty has been imposed upon me not to remove such material or copy it, or commit it to memory or use outside of my present employment. Upon your request, I will promptly return all tangible expressions of trade secrets and confidential information in my possession and all copies thereof.
4. During the course of my employment and in the event of its termination, whether with or without cause by either party, or during the course of any future
employment or undertaking, I agree not to disclose such information to any party, nor to use such information on my own behalf except as required in the course of my employment with you.
5. I have received a copy of this acknowledgment.
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